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The Web Service

The web service allows you to manage and remotely monitor your spring traps across vast distances.

You will save time and money by only visiting units and sites that need your attention. Plus you can provide audit trails and evidence of humane trapping methods (including rapidly reacting to live catch traps).

Put simply : Save time, save money, improve coverage and animal welfare.

Unlimited Locations & Global Mapping

Using our web portal you can create as many different locations as you wish using our Worldwide mapping service.

Our service enables you to zoom in to a high level of accuracy for each site, and create your own unique features on each site.

Observations, site notes and other important information can be created and stored by the system.

Worldwide Mapping and Local Details

Check your units, from your desk or phone

The core of the System is being able to see the status of your units without ever having to leave your desk.

Our web service enables you to quickly look across your locations to identify traps requiring attention. The status of each location is summarised on your dashboard, meaning you can save time and focus your efforts.

Assigning and moving units between locations couldn't be easier - it is a simple three click process!

Demonstration Remoti Location

Free E-Mail Alerts, Global SMS Alerts Available

You don't want to be checking each online location every day to see the status of your traps. That's why our free e-mail alerts system can be configured to alert you the moment a trap is activated on one of your locations.

Global SMS text messages are fully integrated into the Remoti System and full details of charges can be found here .

Plus, if a unit doesn't 'check in' every twelve hours, you will get an immediate alert informing you that a unit requires attention.

E-Mail or SMS Alerts!

Flexibility To Manage Unit Contracts

The System allows you to manage your unit contacts in order to save money. From our online portal you have full control of your units and can activate, suspend (saving data charges) and disconnect units from the mobile network.

Unlimited Users & Records

The System allows multiple users to access a single account. Each user can then create new sites or add existing sites to their "favourites". Each user can add notes about each location and recieve alerts.

Plus the System records all trapping activity so you have a complete historical record for audit and evaluation purposes.

Secure, unlimited and effective!

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