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Free No Obligation Trial

Our no obligation free trial (ex £10.00 P&P) provides you with a 8 week period in which to see the potential benefits of the System for yourself.

Providing you a risk free way to test and familiarise yourself with the system and the added reassurance that the units can connect to the mobile phone network in your area before purchasing!

Our free trial provides you with :

  • A single unit for 8 weeks
  • Your own Remoti account giving you full and unlimited access to the web service
  • Unlimited e-mail alerts
  • 30 free text alerts
  • The ability to create unlimited users
  • Online & e-mail support to get you up and running
  • A 20 minute telephone training session (if required)
  • Return postage (UK only) included in the P&P - so no hidden costs!
"Using the Remoti System we saved 600 hours of time this year alone meaning the team can focus on more important things!" Large foresty estate in England
"Great news! Because of your system we were able to release a red squirrel within 20 minutes of capture thereby preventing potential distress to the animal!" Red Squirrel Protection Group

What we ask of you :

All we ask is that you cover the costs of P&P (£10.00):
  • Within the UK this covers both delivery and return . Means of return postage will be included with the unit on delivery.
  • Outside of the UK this covers only delivery . Due to the complexities of local postal arrangements, we ask that you organise for return delivery (no insurance required).
Other than that, all we ask is that you use the trial to the full potential in understanding how the system can work for you - and work with us to understand how to improve the system to meet your needs!

Request a free trial now...

To sign-up for a free trial enter your e-mail address & use the Paypal link below to pay £10.00 for P&P. We will set you up with a online account and typically get your trial unit to you within a week. If you do have any further questions, do feel free to contact us