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Trap Monitor Unit.

The unit is a highly versatile and configurable unit, and can be attached to a multitude of different animal spring traps including squirrel, mink, fox, mole and magpie.

The unit will automatically connect to the best mobile networks available across the globe. Because the Remoti unit can use any mobile network available, it even works in locations where your own mobile phone doesn't!

That's it! A simple, low cost solution for animal trap monitoring.
Technical Specification

Clean & simple...On any trap

units are able to monitor any type of trap (that has a mechanical action) you wish. The unit is simple to mount and set-up and we've worked hard to make operation as simple and painless as possible.

    The unit is built for simplicity and peace of mind!
  • Simple magnet system gives peace of mind the unit is set
  • Indicator light gives clear 'in the field' indication that unit can communicate with our system (no confusing beeps or need to check online)
  • You do not need to own a smart-phone to run the Remoti system!

Wide area remote monitoring

units use the mobile network to communicate and work even where your mobile phone doesn't! We have rigorously tested the unit in some of the most remote parts of the UK and globally - in open moorland, under the forest canopy and the desert regions.

The units will automatically search for the strongest network available and will simply change networks if one network goes down.

The units are operational globally, but we would always recommend our no-obligation trial to check your particular application, particularly if the location is extremely remote.

Long life, low cost

units minimise battery consumption such that the (real world tested) in field battery life of our units is greater than 2 years with two daily transmissions. Plus our units take standard 4xAA batteries - so no need to worry about replacing expensive or difficult to find battery packs.

Our units have been designed specifically with agriculture, forest managers and gamekeepers in mind - and we have strived to produce a unit at a price point to suite the market without compromising on quality.

Robustness guaranteed

The Unit is IP65 rated - meaning it is dust and rain resistant. The circuit itself is coated for extra protection against moisture and dew, and the whole unit has been extensively tested in the field for long durations.

If that isn't enough to convince you we offer a 2 year guarantee on each unit on a simple 'no questions asked' replacement new-for-old basis.

Fail-safe & secure

The unit is designed to be fail-safe through using a periodic heartbeat ("I'm alive") signal. You can configure the unit to report in on a regular basis, with every 12h being the recomended default to remain within best practice guidelines.

If a unit fails to report in, you will get an alert (via email or SMS). Meaning that if something goes wrong, you won't be left unaware for too long.

In addition we use smart embedded mobile technology which means there is no 'SIM card' for anybody to steal!

All this comes as standard and at no extra cost.

Clean, simple and effective!

Interested? Then why not trial the system for 6 weeks at no cost (ex P&P) ...
Free 6 Week Trial